SDC10 – Isolated Low-Noise DC/DC Converter Module

Preliminary data


  • +24V/1A  input
  • Single output: +24V/0.5A, +15V/1A or +5V/2A
  • Input/output isolation < 100V
  • Low-noise  < 2 mVpp
  • High-frequency power switching: 300 kHz
  • High efficiency: 80%
  • Soft-start
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Current limitation
  • Internal/external PWM oscillator
  • Active-low shutdown input
  • Two 6-pin connectors
  • Board dimensions: 80×35 mm


The SDC10 module is a low-noise DC/DC converter operating from a  single +24VDC input. It is designed to supply sensitive systems.

To achieve low-noise operation, the SDC10 features a high-frequency DC/DC push-pull converter and a low-dropout voltage regulator. High-frequency operation leads to smaller transformer and filter while the  50% push-pull topology reduces the ripple at both input and output. The on-board PWM oscillator can be synchronized with an external source. A shut-down input is also provided to disable the power switches. Stable output voltage and further ripple attenuation are achieved with the LDO regulator.  In addition, the circuitry includes a soft-start function and a current limitation. Since the SDC10 provides an isolated output, the module can easily supply a negative voltage. Two 6-pin connectors allow the module to be plugged  into a carrier board.