Model S1 Photodetector

Low Noise, High Power, 120-MHz Infrared Photodetector


  • Large area : active diameter = 1 mmS1_SG01_R15A
  • Wavelength range: 850 to 1500 nm
  • CW max. operating optical power = 25 mW@1.06μm
  • Low-noise: NEP = 50 pW/√Hz @1.06μm
  • DC-Output: DC to 500 kHz – 250 V/A
  • AC-Output: 500 kHz to 120 MHz – 100 V/A
  • Test-Input: DC to 120 MHz – 1 mA/V


Model S1 is an InGaAs transimpedance amplified photodetector. Its two outputs permit DC and AC coupled measurements. A test-input aimed at diagnostic purposes provides a convenient way of simulating the light response by injecting a user controlled current at the transimpedance amplifier input.

Model S1 is based on an innovative circuit that ensures the photodiode a low impedance node from DC to 120MHz. This prevents the photodiode reverse bias modulation encountered in resonant or resistor loaded circuits.

Model S1 offers low-noise, high-power and high-bandwidth specifications. Sisyph Model S1 is an ideal candidate in a number of demanding experiments including the measurement of high-power laser intensity noise,  high-power shot noise limited interferometry and quantum noise limited frequency stabilization of high-power solid state lasers.