SMZ120 – User Configurable Switch Interface


  • Fit all SM-Series modules
  • Up to 11 switchesSMZ120_PICTURE
  • Access to all digital inputs
  • Ideal for rapid prototyping
  • Schematics included
  • from 190€


In order to provide remote control of the modules, all SM-Series boards have their digital control lines connected to the respective stack-through header. While some of these lines could be directly controlled by other boards, front panel switches  are usually required to implement the simplest commands.

The SMZ120 module allows the user to connect each digital input to a dedicated  front panel switch. For this purpose, up to 11 switches are available on the front panel. The connections between the switch and the controlled lines are made using small AND-wired diodes, providing a convenient way to control several digital inputs with a single switch.

Like all SM-Series modules, the SMZ120 is shipped with the schematic diagrams of its electronic circuitry providing all required information for advanced users.