SMD-Series – Subnanosecond Pulse Generator Modules

The modules of the SMD-Series provide the experimentalists a complete line of instruments for the generation of short pulses at high repetition rates. First designed for stroboscopic magnetic imaging TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope), the SMD-Series offers a complete solution to deliver sub-nanosecond pulses into 50-loads at repetition rates ranging from DC to 10MHz.

SMD10 Aiguilhe – Dual-Edge Pulse Sharpener

SMD20 Mézeyrac – Variable DC Power Supply

SMD30 Mézenc – Remote Controller

SR500 Camargue Reference Solution – Subnanosecond Pulse Generator

A 19″ desktop case accomodating 3 SR500 Pulse Generators used in Transmission Electron Microscopy.