SMC-Series Diode Laser Controller Modules

The lowest noise, highest bandwidth and most flexible of any commercially available products


  • Highly stable operation
  • Ultra low-noise current source
  • High-resolution temperature controller
  • Linear TEC driver
  • High reliability
  • EMI shielding


  • Photonics
  • Opto-electronic oscillators
  • Time-frequency standards
  • Optical phase-locked loops
  • Inertial navigation
  • Atomic clocks
  • Cold-atom physics
  • Quantum computing
  • Gravity measurements
  • Ideal for RIO Planex™ lasers


The SMC-Series modules are the ideal instruments for controlling the current and the temperature of diodes laser in AMO physics. With an  ultra-low current noise density  of 15pA/√Hz (SMC11) and sub-mK thermal control stability (SMC20 & SMC31), the SMC-Series is the right choice for the most demanding applications.

Because SMC-Series was first designed for frequency stabilization and OPLL applications, the SMC11 current source provides both Servo and RF inputs for current modulation over large bandwidths. Its ultra-low noise current feature is a key parameter for achieving the best phase noise performance of your stabilized lasers. In addition, maintaining a laser lock continuously is  facilitated due to the SMC20 temperature controller high-stability and analog setpoint control features .

Using the SMC-Series laser diode controller with the SMA- or SMB-Series modules, complete turn-key solutions are available for your laser frequency stabilizations or phase-locked lasers.

Like SMA- and SMB-Series modules, most of the SMC-Series modules are shipped with the schematic diagrams of their electronic circuitry providing all required information for  advanced users