SMC51 Chassiron – Cables Interface module


  • Connection of SMC-Series modules to laser mounts
  • Laser : 9-pin female D-SUB connector
  • TEC : 15-pin female D-SUB connector
  • For use with
    – Sisyph SCB20x cables or
    – Third-party cables
  • EMI noise immunity
  • High reliability
  • 3D models

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3U/4HP front panel not shown.



The SMC-Series modules are the ideal instruments for controlling the current and the temperature of narrow linewidth laser diodes. With an ultra-low noise current source (SMC11) and sub-mK thermal control stability (SMC20 & SMC31), the SMC-Series is the right choice for the most demanding applications. Using the SMC-Series laser diode controller with the SMA- or SMB-Series modules, complete turn-key solutions are available for your laser frequency stabilizations or phase-locked lasers.
The SMC51 module allows operation of the SMC-Series modules with third-party laser mounts using DSUB-terminated cables. For instance, the SMC51 is  particularly useful when the ultra-low noise Estérel controller replaces a noisy current source in an existing setup. Indeed, even if both SMC11 Current Source and SMC31 TEC Driver provide their own connectors, users may want to keep the laser connections unchanged while the noise specifications are upgraded. Note that special features provided by SMC11 and SMC31 specific connectors are not preserved by SMC51.

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3U/4HP front panel not shown.