SR100 Estélas Low-Noise Power Supply


  • 42HP/3U desktop case
  • 230V or 115V AC input
  • Chassis isolated outputs
    • +5V/2.2A
    • +15V/2.2A
    • -15V/2.2A
    • +24V/1A
  • High control accuracy – low residual ripple
  • Linear control – low EMI
  • High reliability
  • Ultra-low voltage noise
    • density  ≤ 100 nV/√Hz
    • ripple  ≤ 1mV RMS



The SR100 Estélas is a low-noise power supply providing ±15V and +5V and optionally +24V. The SR100 was first designed to provide a quiet environment to operate our ultra-low noise laser current sources (SMC-Series). For this purpose, three SPS20 Cagire modules are assembled in a 3U desktop case to power up to 2 complete laser diode controllers and their dedicated laser frequency control electronics (SMA– and SMB-Series for instance). Because they have little to no ability to reject supply variations, many RF subsystems should also benefit from the low-noise features of the SR100 Estélas to prevent unwanted side bands and low signal-to-noise ratio.

Two standard configurations are available : the SR103 features three DC outputs (+5V and +/-15V)  while the SR104 provides an additional +24V output. Contact us for custom configurations. The mains input voltage selection is set at factory and should be specified along with the DC output configuration.

The DC output voltages are available at the front panel through 4 pairs of 2-mm banana jacks. These connectors are dedicated to prototyping only since powering Sisyph’s Reference solutions should use the DSUB connectors located on the rear panel of the case.