SR300 Estérel- Laser Diode Controller Electronics

The lowest noise, highest bandwidth and most flexible of any commercially available products


The SR300 is the ideal instrument for controlling the current and the temperature of diodes laser. Including ultra-low noise current sink, sub-mK temperature controller and modulation inputs, the SR300 is the right choice to meet the requirementsof the most demanding applications. The SR300 hardware is based on the modular instruments of the SMC-Series Diode Laser Controller, which can be also ordered separately.From modular instruments to complete turn-key solutions, Sisyph provides flexible and high-performance electronics for cutting-edge research and engineering.


  • Photonics, Lidar
  • Opto-electronic oscillators
  • Time-frequency standards
  • Optical phase-locked loops
  • Inertial navigation
  • Atomic clocks
  • Cold-atom physics
  • Quantum computing
  • Gravity measurements
  • Ideal for RIO™ Planex and DFB lasers

Example of a dual-current source for Lidar R&D.

Related Hardware

SR301 Ultra-Low Noise Current Controller

The SR301 is an ultra-low noise current controller based on the SMC11 Current Source module. It provides the user with a ready-to-use laser diode driver. The SR301 does not include the thermal stabilization but the related modules can be mounted afterwards.

An SR301 unit mounted in a small 3U/28HP shielded case. Wider cases are also available to accommodate several units.