SMC121 Mayres – Switch Interface


  • Manual control of
  • 3 dedicated Current Source switches
    • Run Laser/Shorted
    • Remote/Local Setpoint
    • 1 spare switch
  • 8 dedicated Temperature Controller switches
    • Controller ON/OFF
    • Constant Current/Temperature mode
    • Remote/Local Command
    • Servo input ON/OFF
    • Remote/Local Temperature Setpoint
    • Loop Polarity selector
    • 2 spare switches
  • EMI-noise immunity
  • 3D models

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  • Laser frequency control
  • Phase-locked lasers
  • Diode laser remote control
  • Ideal for rapid prototyping


In order to keep our SM-Series modules compact, only essential interface components are located on a front-panel.

Nevertheless more control features are always available accessing the internal busses of a specific module. For a customized application, the SMZ110, SMZ120 and SMZ130 modules provide a convenient way to access any of these signals.

Based on the SMZ120, the SMC111 module is dedicated to the SMC11 Puy Mary Low-Noise Current Source and SMC20 Temperature Controller. With the SMC121, the user can manually  control the operation of the diode laser in most applications.  It should be noted that remote control is still allowed when SMC121 is used.

Additional Views

Front panel not shown.