SMC112 Uzès – Temperature Controller BNC Interface


  • For use with SMC20 Temperature Controller
  • 4 BNC for control and diagnostic
    • Error monitor
    • Setpoint input
    • Current Control input
    • TEC Current monitor
  • 1 spare BNC connector
  • EMI-noise immunity
  • 3D Models

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Front panel not shown


  • Laser frequency control
  • Phase-locked lasers
  • Diode laser remote control
  • Ideal for rapid prototyping


In order to keep our SM-Series modules compact, only essential interface components are located on a front panel.

Nevertheless more control features are always available accessing the internal busses of a specific module. For a customized application, the SMZ110 and SMZ120  modules provide a convenient way to access any of these signals.

Based on the SMZ110, the SMC112 module is dedicated to the SMC20 Temperature Controller. It accomodates 5 BNC connectors for control, diagnostic or monitor purposes.

Additional Views

Front panel not shown