SMB00 – Power Interface


  • Reverse polarity protection
  • In-rush current limitation
  • Undervoltage monitoring
  • High-frequency noise filtering
  • 3D Models

3U/4H front panel not shown.


SMB-Series is a dedicated modular instrumentation for Optical Phase-Locked Loop applications. The SMB-Series modules are designed to operate from several DC-power supplies. Each module has two 50-pin stack-through headers acting as a power bus when several boards are stacked. SMB00 is the interface board used to connect the supply sources to the power bus.
In order to ensure a safe and reliable operation when the stack is powered-up, the SMB00 provides protections against accidental reverse voltage connections and in-rush current limitations. An L-C tank filter is also provided for high-frequency noise suppression. Under-voltage levels are detected by a monitoring circuit that signals a power fault condition both using leds on the front panel and an open-collector digital output.

Additional Views

3U/4HP front panel not shown.