SMC41 Valescure – Telecom Laser Mount

SMC41mounted in a SR300 Laser Controller

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  • Butterfly 14-pin package
  • Telecom laser
  • No cable required
  • RF modulation
    • SMA connector
    • Internal bias-T
  • FC/APC to FC/APC mating sleeve
  • Reliable operation
  • Optional solderless mounting flange
  • 3D model

Board Views

SMC41 Valescure – Laser mount for telecom laser module. Oblique view (left) and top view (right). Fiber reel and front panel not shown.


The SMC41 Valescure module has been designed to mount low-power telecom laser diode packaged in a butterfly 14-pin case. Since this module is intended to be stacked on the SMC11 Ultra-Low Noise Current source, no cable is required to connect the laser to the current controller.

The laser package can be soldered directly on the board but solderless connection is also possible using the dedicated mount flange. The RF modulation is allowed regardless the mounting option. The mounted laser is protected using a relay contact shorting the laser terminals in shutdown mode or when the module is removed from the stack.

A 6-K/W heatsink, located on the bottopm side of the module, is able to remove dissipated for most of low-power lasers. The laser case is fixed on this heatsink using a high-conductivity  thermal pad and M2 screws (4x).

The optical fiber is retained on the board using clamps to form a reel compatible with its minimum bend radius. An FC/APC to FC/APC connector is located on the front panel  to connect the laser plug to the user cord.

Compatible Laser

  • RIO Planex™.
  • EP1550-NLW-B
  • 1905 LMI
  • A1915LMI
  • FRL15DCW

Non-exhaustive list,  contact us for more information on compatible lasers.

Laser mounting options: left,  the laser is soldered on the dedicated footprint (standard). The laser can be mounted using the flange (right) to avoid soldering. In both cases the RF modulation is allowed.

Additional Views

SMC41 Valescure module – Rear view (left) and front view (right). Optical fiber and front panel not shown.

Bottom view of the SMC41 Valescure Laser Mount.