SMD20 Mézeyrac – Variable DC Power Supply


  • High-efficiency DC/DC converter
  • +5 V to +30 V variable DC Output
  • 5W output power
  • Fan cooler
  • EMI noise immunity
  • High reliability
  • Ideal for rapid and reliable prototyping

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  • Stroboscopic magnetic imaging TEM (Transmission
    Electron Microscope)


The modules of the SMD-Series provide the experimentalists a complete line of instruments for the generation of short pulses at high repetition rates. First designed for stroboscopic magnetic imaging TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope), the SMD-Series offers a complete solution to deliver sub-nanosecond pulses into 50-loads at repetition rates ranging from DC to 10MHz.
The SMD20 Mézeyrac module consists in a high efficiency DC/DC converter and a fan cooler. The converter is aimed at providing a variable DC power supply to the SMD10 dual-edge pulse sharpener module. Because the internal pulse generator of the SMD10 operates from this voltage, the amplitude of its output pulses
can be controlled via the SMD20 module. Thus, with a DC output voltage ranging from +5V to 30V, the SMD20 allows the user to control the amplitude of the pulses over the same range.
Since the SMD10 Dual-Edge Pulse Sharpener module has to dissipate 5W, a fan cooler is mounted on the board of the SMD20 module to force ventilation of the pulse generator amplifier. Of course, to operate the heat-removing properly, the SMD20 module has to be installed on the right side of the pulse shaper module.
The SMD20 allows the user to control the fan cooler and the DC output using serial command through the SPI port. Regulator fault detection and voltage monitoring signals are also available to help the user to
ensure a safe operation of the module.

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