SMD10 Aiguilhe – Dual-Edge Pulse Sharpener


  • User controlled pulse edge sharpener
  • Sub-nanosecond rise- and fall-time
  • 300-ps pulse width
  • High repetition rate (10 MHz)
  • +5 V to + 30 V amplitude
  • EMI noise immunity
  • Ideal for rapid and reliable prototyping

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Output Pulse at 10-MHz repetition frequency


  • Stroboscopic magnetic imaging TEM


The modules of the SMD-Series provide the experimentalists a complete line of instruments for the generation of short pulses at high repetition rates. First designed for stroboscopic magnetic imaging TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope), the SMD-Series offers a complete solution to deliver sub-nanosecond pulses into 50-loads at repetition rates ranging from DC to 10MHz.
The SMD10 Aiguilhe module mainly consists in a fixed-width pulse generator and a dual-edge pulse sharpener. The pulse generator, triggered via the input signal, delivers a high-voltage pulse to the edgessharpener.
This stage, consisting of two charge-controlled switches, allows the user to reduce both leading and trailing edges of the high-voltage pulse. The switching characteristics of the charge-controlled devices are adjusted through their bias currents using serial commands. The edges-sharpener output accessible on
the front panel is also coupled to secondary outputs for synchronization and monitoring purposes.
Gathering other SMD-Series modules, the SR500 Pulse Generator is the ideal solution to generate highvoltage sub-nanosecond pulses at high repetition rate (10MHz) for stroboscopic magnetic imaging TEM.
With the additional SMZ320 Serial Interface module, the SR500 gives the user a complete control of the pulse generator over USB or optical interfaces.