SMD30 Mézenc – Remote Controller


  • Remote control of SMD-Series modules
  • Asynchronous serial interface
  • Analog and digital monitoring
  • Spare I/O available
  • EMI noise immunity

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  • Stroboscopic magnetic imaging TEM


The modules of the SMD-Series provide the experimentalists a complete line of instruments for the generation of short pulses at high repetition rates. First designed for stroboscopic magnetic imaging TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope), the SMD-Series offers a complete solution to deliver sub-nanosecond pulses into 50-loads at repetition rates ranging from DC to 10MHz.
The SMD30 Mézenc module allows the user to control the SMD-Series modules through serial commands coming from a computer. These commands must be sent to the module via an external asynchronous serial data converter. For a safe and reliable operation, it is recommended to use the SMZ320 module as USB to serial data interface, this module allowing an optical isolation of the SMD modules from the computer. For long distances or operation in noisy environments, the SMZ320 interface module also provides an optical link based on plastic optical fibers.
In order to control the SMD-Series modules, the SMD30 module features an analog-to-digital (ADC) converter, a serial control bus (SPI) and many digital I/Os, which are all managed by a microcontroller.
The front panel accomodates led indicators, switches and coaxial connectors as a minimalistic user interface since most of control operations should be done using the remote interface.
Gathering other SMD-Series modules, the SR500 Pulse Generator is the ideal solution to generate high voltage sub-nanosecond pulses at high repetition rate (10MHz) for stroboscopic magnetic imaging TEM.
With the additional SMZ320 Serial Interface module, the SR500 gives the user a complete control of the pulse generator over USB or optical interfaces.