SPC-Series Front Panels

Sisyph offers an extensive range of panels to provide a finishing touch to your case. Ideal  for rapid prototyping, the Sisyph’s SPC-Series panels comply with with IEC 60297-3-101 and IEEE 1101.1/10 standard.

The SPC-Series panels are first designed to equip your case with standard I/Os connector (BNC, SMA, DSUB or fiber optics adapters). But additional panels are also provided, for case’s ventilation or AC-power input  purposes for instance. Do not hesitate to contact us  for your specific needs.

SPC200-Series - Mounting Panels for AC-Power Entry Modules

SPC400-Series - Mounting Panels for Coaxial Connectors

SPC600-Series - Mounting Panels for Optic Fiber Adaptors