SZ310 – Powered Desktop Case


  • Power system
    • Low-noise linear AC/DC power supplies
    • +24V/1A – SPS20 module (optional)
    • +5V/3A – SPS20 module
    • +15V/1.5A – SPS20 module
    • -15V/1.5A – SPS20 module
    • Internal AC power distribution terminal blocks
    • Internal DC power distribution terminal blocks
    • Optional module allows powering of a second case
  • 19″/3U Desk-top Case
    • from desk-top to rack-mounted case and back
    • EMC shielding
    • Ventilation slit in base plane
    • Rear-panel perforated
    • Blank panels provided
    • Narrower cases available
  • Easy integration of custom boards and sub-systems

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The SZ310 Powered Desktop Case is the platform on which SM-Series modules and Reference Solutions are assembled. It was designed to easy accomodate both SM-Series modular instruments and customer specific sub-systems in a shielded desk-top case. Contact us for customized solutions.


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