SZ311 – Desktop Case


  • 19″/3U Desktop Case
    • from desk-top to rack-mounted case and back
    • EMC shielding
    • Ventilation slit in base plane
    • Rear-panel perforated
    • Narrower cases available
    • Internal AC/DC distribution using DIN-rail mounted terminals
  • Up to 21 SM-Series modules can be accommodated (84HP option)
  • Different widths available : 84HP (19″), 42HP or 28HP.
  • Easy integration of custom boards and sub-systems

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The SZ311 Desktop case is the platform on which SM-Series modules and Reference Solutions are assembled. It was designed to easy accomodate both SM-Series modular instruments and customer specific sub-systems in a shielded desk-top case.

Because the SZ311 does not feature any AC/DC power supplies, it provides  a quiet environment for sensitive applications where isolation from power line harmonics and EM interferences is one primay concern. This desk-top provides the user with a maximal use of the space since power supply modules are absent from the front-panel . In both cases,  the enclosure is powered through an input interface module,  which connects the external DC power sources to the internal DC distribution terminals. Thus, an SZ310 can be used as DC power sources in order to power a remote an SZ311 which accommodates sensitive electronics or sub-substems. Contact us for customized solutions.


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